Sarah Nesling


Sarah is a London and Surrey based craniosacral therapist, supervisor and Feldenkrais teacher.

Bringing her thirty years experience of CST and teaching together Sarah runs Still Learning a series of ongoing workshops, supported by the stillness of the natural surroundings of her garden and the Boxhill woodland.


Every Body Tells A Story

I have worked therapeutically with a wide range of people in different ways for over thirty years and bring a depth of experience at a somatic and psychological level. My approach with craniosacral therapy is for the whole person and whatever has been part of the story the body is telling – be it a bad back, anxiety, headaches or just general malaise and grumpiness!

Our health is an interplay between genetic tendencies and the environment including early experiences, traumatic events, nutrition, postural habits and lifestyle. These elements play out biochemically influencing thought patterns, mood and body habits. It tends to be the body that brings people to treatment.

Ultimately perhaps we all feel better if we change our sense of how we care for ourselves and come into relationship with our life patterns in a way that acknowledges the need for kindness. The beginning point for this can be a deep settling into the body which may be facilitated by craniosacral therapy sessions.

Over a course of treatments I would expect you to experience an easing of symptoms, improvement in mood and an increase in energy levels.

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.



I offer a range of therapy and teaching services alongside  craniosacral therapy.


Still Learning