What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Every cell in our body organises itself around its basic needs for balance. How it does this is remarkable and luckily we don’t have to think about it. Our physiology is intelligent and largely goes about its business when we are well without bothering us too much; it is self regulating and naturally moves towards health.

One of the most basic balancing acts is the ability to shift from activity, the work of being in the world into resting. At a subtle energetic level the body organises itself by aligning with the natural rhythmic tides of the planet and oceans we evolved in, these express within our physiology as involuntary motion.

Nature knows how to rest. We have day and night, the seasons with cycles of growth and expansion, rest and restoration. Depression might be seen as a drawing in to allow rest and recovery after stressful times as well as a chemical imbalance.

These pains you feel are messengers. Listen to them.


At its core biodynamic craniosacral therapy is about helping our body’s orientation to the tides and rhythms that organise our health and all the processes at work maintaining it – breathing, digesting, connecting emotionally to each other and the wider field of nature, the health that is always present.

The lack of congruency between how we are living and what the body needs is virtually unavoidable in current times particularly in city living as we are all dealing with much greater levels of constant stimulation and forms of toxicity. This contributes to health issues.

Craniosacral therapy helps strengthen the body’s resources, its ability to regulate and prioritise its needs and the client will often naturally start to orient to a healthier lifestyle.

Craniosacral Therapists are trained to listen deeply for the health in the body of a client through gentle hands on contact. A clear understanding of the anatomy under our hands and a process of careful, non judgmental and curious listening provide the means for the body to clarify its workings and move towards balance.

As the body realigns itself reorganisation takes place. The body begins to be able to deal with health issues as it reconnects to fundamental rhythmic motion and a central core of dynamic stillness. Areas held in the body as tension and stasis release, blood flows and drainage improves, the nervous system settles. The person feels lighter and more spacious usually at the emotional as well as physical level of being as more energy becomes available.

As the health is inherent in you, you may ask why you need a therapist and actually you don’t. But if a person is at a point where they have developed physical or mental symptoms it is likely that they will find their way back to health sooner with the reflective help of some expert hands. Or where this is not possible with current restrictions via subtle verbal guidance and feedback supporting settling into a more embodied state .