CST Sessions

In a first session  there is a detailed discussion around your history and what brings you to seek treatment. This may  take place via Zoom,. You will then lie clothed on a treatment couch and I will gently use my hands with a light contact to begin to feel how your body is under the surface, how the tissues, muscles, bones, organs and nervous system etc are working in different areas of the body alongside the subtle energetic quality of the Primary Respiration. This generally feels very relaxing and may be felt as heat, sometimes tingling, everyone’s experience is unique.

There are no manipulations or adjustments although sometimes the body does adjust itself and comes into a better alignment. Also sometimes and with permission I may bring in some Feldenkrais gentle movement if needed. During a session you do not need to do social chitchat or explore the events that brought you in but to settle deeply into yourself as far as that is possible. I may ask you to describe some of the sensations that arise in your body or to notice particular areas. Some sessions are very quiet.

We will discuss a framework for treatment and how it might help and this will be reviewed regularly. There is no set amount of treatments some clients respond very quickly within a few sessions, where problems have taken a long time to develop and are chronic longer may be needed.

Usually people report feeling lighter and brighter, there may be less pain and they sleep better. Sometimes a deep tiredness comes up particularly if you have been very stressed and unable to wind down, sometimes people feel emotional as things move through. We will discuss ways of managing this if needed and other ways you can support your health. I often give breathing work or simple movement for use in an ongoing way.

Remote Sessions

During the pandemic many therapists and clients found that working remotely was extremely effective and although it seems surprising it can bring similar benefits to hands on sessions .  I use a combination of embodiment work , Feldenkrais  movement and  the sensing  of the subtle rhythmic tides  as you lie quietly on a bed during a Zoom session .