Who comes for CST and how often?

As the treatment is very light and non invasive it is suitable for a wide range of client groups and health issues, from the pregnant and new born to chronic pain conditions, anxiety, recovery from illness or surgery and the very elderly where more mechanical approaches are not appropriate.

I love to work with clients of all ages from babies through teens to the elderly and enjoy a very varied practice. I specialise in pregnancy and the postnatal period, alongside that I work with everything from anxiety and depression, trauma, digestive disorders, fertility issues, post operative recovery, serious illness and life’s usual bad backs, aches, pains and accidents.

If there are significant health issues, I may recommend weekly or two weekly treatment, this will be reviewed regularly.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from CST some find the quiet space nourishing, a counterbalance to a busy life. Many clients come once a month to help rest the nervous system, quieten the mind and keep themselves healthy.