Still Learning Programme 2018/19

Trauma Review 1 Working with Activation — 1st November 2018
Review of skills for working with stress and trauma, combining an understanding of key anatomical structures we can relate to with our hands and the work of Porges and Levine within CST practice. Refining verbal skills around resourcing and slowing process down.

Pelvic Power — 15th November
A look at the anatomy of the pelvic floor, psycho emotional tones and role in supporting our abdominal cavity and organs. How to support gynaecological and sexual health here with our hands on skills.

Trauma Review 2 Working with Dissociation — March 21st 2019
Continuing our look at safely working with trauma that has led to freeze states in the body. Deepening into supporting our practice verbally and in our hands on contact

Meetings with Mesenteries — February 21st
Revisiting this wonderful area anatomically and practically to promote autonomic balance and enrich gut function it works well with Breath and Pelvic floor but can be taken alone.

Trauma 3 — April 11th
Looking at complex and developmental trauma, how we are with holding the depth of safety required, self support, clinical approaches and the framework needed to work with this level of challenge to being in the world.

Being with Blood — May 2nd
Having assisted Michael Shea through his cardiovascular teachings the last few years this is my simplified version of how to bring an awareness of the arteries and cardiovascular system into our work particularly as a way of supporting a down-regulating in the autonomics.

Source and Soma — July 25th
Revisiting the embryo, the laying down of the 3 midlines that organise and inform our structure and health throughout life and how we can use this in our clinical approaches.