Still Learning Programme 2021/22

The workshops are intended to be social as well as clinically informative and given they take place in my home I will be looking at how to best maintain safety and the element of connection and enjoyment .At the moment this looks like running blended workshops with a very small number in person  at safe distance and others joining via Zoom.

Hands Free Healing –  6th Feb 2021 with Nicky Withers on Zoom 

A day exploring the possibilities of using your CST skills at a distance . Many of us have taken to Zoom and been astonished at how much its possible to orient to our clients systems and subtle expression   without them being in the room. Nicky  will teach from  her experience and insights in a day that will include  some theory  ,experiential work, small group  discussion and practical exchanges .

Download Flyer

Download Flyer

 High Maintenance Babies – March 18th 2021
This day will focus on the hard to settle fractious babies, how to be with crying and ways of working with stress cycling in the family field perhaps following a stressful pregnancy or birth where the autonomic set points are compromised. These are hard cases to hold as exhaustion is usually cycling round the family and our own buttons of self doubt are likely to be pressed.

Working with Mobile Infants -April 15th
How do we contact stillness while crawling round on the floor? We will also look at common ailments and how to adapt sessions so that mother and baby can both be treated. Flexibility in approach is key.

Supporting Early Attachment  – May 13th
Early attachment patterns form a template for later relationships  and come into our personal parenting styles ,importantly they are malleable .A look at the Polyvagal system and the role of  the cranial nerves  in Attachment and Bonding .We will also gently investigate Artificial Reproductive Technology which increasingly makes up a large part of Mother and  baby clinical practice .

Working with Long Covid with Nicky Withers – May 29th                             A day on understanding Long Covid and how we can use our CST skills to treat it.

Puberty and Teens June 17th
A look at the changes in brain organisation that start before puberty. How to engage with older children, and  areas that cause parents to seek help anxiety,  self harming and other presenting issues. Children develop within the family field and often the young person is expressing a family issue, we will explore what we can handle as CSTs and when we refer.

Breath – 8th July
A look at how we can work with the ribs and lungs and how this connects with primary respiration within the cranial model .


Meetings with Mesenteries -October 7th
Revisiting this wonderful area anatomically and practically to promote autonomic balance and enrich gut function it works well with Breath and Pelvic floor but can be taken alone.


 Widening the Field Series

Source and Soma November 25th

Understanding how the embryo is always present in the adult can sound very esoteric and out of reach in your clinical practice, the intention is to simplify and help support an embodied sense in ourselves and in our hands-on work.

Divine Roots in Practice with Mary Bolingbroke Dec 9th 

The philosophical and therapeutic roots of our practice are deeply embedded in a richly sacred wisdom. This course will explore the spiritual principles embedded in our every day practice including Non judgment, Non Duality, Compassion, and the unifying radiance in the unfolding moment of now.

Working with the Ancestors with Mary Bolingbroke January 20th 2022

Can we work with our ancestors? Can we help them and can they help us ?  Using principles taken from Epigenetics, Family Constellation Therapy and tradition spiritual wisdom, can we allow the often blocked or turbulent liquid light of health flow more freely down through the generations?


Working with Pregnant Women, Mothers and Babies

with Sarah Nesling and Penel Meredith

17th&24th Feb,3rd & 10th March 2022,4 consecutive Thursdays on Zoom, £400

This is a very practical course covering the anatomy, physiology and psychoemotional aspects of pregnancy, birth, obstetric interventions, the postnatal period, and common ailments. It has emerged from the twenty years working in the Low-Cost Mother and Baby clinic in London where Sarah and Penel treated hundreds of babies alongside each other, sometimes sharing tricky cases and being available to support each other. They developed a down to earth, flexible way of working with mothers and babies and hopefully partners together as part of a whole early field where everything cycles between mother and baby. Ideally this is supported by partners family and friends. The approach is Biodynamic, orienting to mother and baby, recognising specific patterns presenting in the baby alongside any birth issues cycling in the mother. There is an emphasis on the verbal skills needed for this sensitive and wonderful work and on developing the supportive holding field.

Film footage of treatments will be used and guided practical sessions which you may have a partner at home for or possibly get together with another course member depending on location. The course comes with a comprehensive handbook.

Working with Families Series with Penel Meredith as guest tutor and Mary Bolingbroke . June / July TBC Via Zoom

These days are offered to support craniosacral therapists (who have completed a mother and baby course) in working with and understanding the practicalities and dynamics of supporting a whole family when one member presents with a problem. This begins with the necessity of treating mothers with their babies and can carry on into supporting the whole family around teenage health or behaviour issues. Relevant anatomical and clinical approaches will all be covered in a simple and practical way.

Early Summer dates TBC

High Maintenance Babies !– the most common complaint -won’t settle, cries a lot, doesn’t sleep ,often alongside digestive issues and stress cycling in the parents .

Mobile Infants – how do we work while they are crawling around the floor? this will include a look at some common complaints in toddlers

 Supporting Early Attachment -a look at the role of the polyvagal system and the cranial nerves that mediate the bonding process and a gentle  opening of enquiry around Artificial Reproductive technology.


Trauma Review 1 Working with Activation TBC
Review of skills for working with stress and trauma, combining an understanding of key anatomical structures we can relate to with our hands and the work of Porges and Levine within CST practice. Refining verbal skills around resourcing and slowing process down.

Trauma Review 2 – Working with Dissociation  TBC
Continuing our look at safely working with trauma that has led to freeze states in the body. Deepening into supporting our practice verbally and in our hands on contact

Trauma 3  Developmental Trauma on Zoom
Looking at complex and developmental trauma, how we are with holding the depth of safety required, self support, clinical approaches and the framework needed to work with this level of challenge to being in the world.