Mothers, Babies & Children

I have specialised in pregnancy and the postnatal period in particular and for the last 15 years ran a low cost mother and baby clinic in London Islington. I work with parents and baby together finding this the most efficient way of treating babies. They are closely enmeshed in the family field and get better more quickly if the parents are helped to settle after a birth.

Giving birth is one of the most profound life events and a little help at the beginning can significantly ease the passage into family life. Common reasons for bringing a baby in are difficult births, sleep and feeding issues, colic, constipation, irritability and difficulty settling. I also work regularly with post natal anxiety and pelvic floor recovery.

Sessions in London or Surrey are relaxed and flexible involving play, stories and whatever is appropriate. The infant does not have to lie on a couch and can be comfortably treated on Mums lap or while feeding. It works really well if partners can come too.

Increasingly children of all ages are suffering from stress, anxiety and attention difficulties. This seems to be partly from the pressures they feel at school and also perhaps due to the increasingly busy lifestyles that families lead as well as things such as environmental toxicity, screen use and electromagnetic fields. Teenagers  can have a really difficult time as their brains rearrange themselves  towards adulthood , the period of change may be a rough ride particularly at the moment with so much global uncertainty  adding to the high levels of anxiety .

I have years of experience in family work and find regular treatment can help to strengthen the child’s nervous system, improve sleep and nurture confidence and resilience. The sessions provide a space for mother and child to rest, reflect and reconnect and this often transfers back into home life.

CST works well alongside conventional treatment and is in no way intended to replace a medical diagnosis and approach.

Postnatal support on Zoom

Over the pandemic period many women  are feeling very unsupported as new mothers. I am offering support sessions where you  have space to talk, perhaps going through the birth and allowing yourself  to acknowledge and process the challenges and joys that came with it. Doing this at a slow pace with help to breathe and settle through any difficult patches can help to regulate your nervous system and release any trauma held in the body. This in turn helps your baby , who is closely tuned to your moods, to settle.