Still Learning

Still Learning is the name I’ve given to a collection of ongoing day workshops and courses that arose from needs noticed during supervision. Courses take specific areas in depth such as trauma skills and the nervous system, the pelvic floor, breath. Learning, especially practicing verbal skills is facilitated by the small group size where asking questions and getting feedback is comfortable. The groups offer support and community as well as education and the shared lunch, always delicious offers a chance to socialise.

Other tutors in the field are invited in around particular topics. Tutors have included Penel Lee on working with teenagers and other days in the Working with Families series and a day with Viola Sampson on the Microbiome.  I am now welcoming Nicky Withers and Mary Bolingbroke .

Courses can be taken singly or work well as a sequence. They usually take place at my home on top of Boxhill where there is a quality of stillness that supports the learning and deepening into the work. On a good day we can take the couches into the garden and find a tree to work under.

Given the restrictions we are currently living under I will be weighing the balance of meeting in person with masks and visors and all that comes with that vs the limitations of online . I am really enjoying the versatility and outreach of Zoom and courses will be on that platform  til 2022.

What participants have said

“A really worthwhile workshop which has given me a more secure framework from which I feel I can more confidently work with trauma should it arise. It was good to be reminded that body sensation is where CST is at, even when verbally engaging with a client. The work we did with verbal skills has given me plenty to think about and I hope will encourage me to listen to a client’s story in a slightly different way and with greater awareness to invite them to notice their body sensations in order to SLOW THINGS DOWN.”

“Many thanks for your wonderful classes. I learn so much from it and also it is wonderful to meet so many other practitioners with a mix of skills.”

“Thank you, it was a grounding workshop, top venue, and I love your teaching and the way you share your knowledge, I also loved meeting everybody in the group, people I knew and did not know. Delicious food too, and adorable cats.”

“I love the way you demystify and make things that seemed very complicated manageable. It was great to be able to ask questions, I have always been terrified to speak in large groups. I cant wait to get my hands on and practice what we learned. More please.”

The Still Learning Teachers

Sarah Nesling  – I have been a cranial practitioner for thirty years with a special interest in Mother and Baby work and working with psycho-emotional issues  including anxiety and depression .  I am a senior tutor at CTET and have coordinated their Living Anatomy course for the last ten years. I am also a Feldenkrais practitioner and find being in our own bodies one of the best ways of bringing grounding to the work of CST where it can rest on the precision of both understanding and developing a felt sense of the anatomy.

Penel Meredith – has been working as a Craniosacral Therapist for over 20 years, is a qualified teacher and holds a foundation training in Psychotherapy and Counselling. She is also a Bach Flower Remedy practitioner. Before that she established and ran The British School of Complementary Therapy based in Harley Street in London. Her focus on pregnancy, postnatal women and babies emerged early on working at The Active Birth Centre and a specialist low cost Mother and Baby clinic with Sarah. She currently runs a busy Craniosacral Therapy practice in Oxfordshire, providing individual and family sessions.

Nicky Withers -has worked in complementary healthcare for 30 years with a background in Osteopathy and Remedial Massage and she now runs a busy practice as a biodynamic craniosacral therapist in Somerset working successfully with a ride range of conditions in people and animals . She enjoyed teaching at CTET for the last 10 years where her depth of clinical experience always shone through. Nicky is currently developing her Hands Free Healing work finding that working at a distance can be even more effective than working with hands on.

Mary Bolingbroke–  qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1993 and then worked and trained with Stuart Korth at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London until 1997. She co-founded the Irish Diploma in Paediatrics with Ian Wright in 2009 and she is on the Biodynamics of Osteopathy faculty, and regularly teaches on Biobasics (James Jealous) courses in the UK. Mary has a great interest in teaching as well as treating people of all ages and animals including horses, dogs and the occasional parrot.

We are all  passionate about offering the highest standards of teaching and sharing in a friendly non hierarchical  atmosphere that facilitates learning .Sarah , Penel and Nicky are all registered Supervisors for CSTA and

Day workshops

Courses usually run on a Thursday 9.45—5.00/5.15 and are all currently offered on Zoom, Numbers are limited to allow for participation and a sense of connection .

The days are recorded and recordings are available for participants for 2 weeks after the day. It is possible if you cannot attend  live to have access to the recording and if enough demand there will be a tutorial after viewing .

Individual days with Sarah cost £85 , the Widening the Field Series  with Mary  and days with Nicky are £100 a day .Concessions may be available depending on numbers . Each counts as a day’s CPD for CSTA.

Booking Details