Pregnancy Courses

Penel Meredith and I have been involved in Pregnancy Education for 15 years or so, running Pregnancy Massage Courses for Dermalogica and a top London Spa, we devised a four / five day  Working with Pregnancy Mothers and Babies Course for graduate craniosacral therapists wanting to work in this area .

Working with Pregnancy Mothers and Babies 

4 consecutive Mondays on Zoom 1/8/15/22nd November 2021 for details and enrolment see Still Learning Programme

This is a very practical course covering the anatomy , physiology and psychoemotional aspects of pregnancy, birth , obstetric interventions, the postnatal period ,  and  common ailments  . The approach is Biodynamic, orienting to the mother and baby  field alongside any  specific issues presenting in the baby and with an emphasis on the verbal skills needed for this sensitive and wonderful  work .There will be film footage of treatments and guided practical sessions .

Sarah and Penel  run a follow up series around Working with Families within Still Learning.

Working With Families Series 2022

Early summer TBC

These workshops are designed to support practitioners working with mothers, babies and children, ideally participants will have attended the Mother and Baby training.

High Maintenance Babies 
This day will focus on the hard to settle fractious babies, how to be with crying and ways of working with stress cycling in the family field perhaps following a stressful pregnancy or birth where the autonomic set points are compromised. These are hard cases to hold as exhaustion is usually cycling round the family and our own buttons of self doubt are likely to be pressed.

Working with Mobile Infants
How do we contact stillness while crawling round on the floor? We will also look at common ailments and how to adapt sessions so that mother and baby can both be treated. Flexibility in approach is key.

Supporting Early Attachment
A look at the Polyvagal system and the cranial nerves involved  in Attachment and Bonding .

Puberty and Teens
How to engage with older children, we will look at some things that cause parents to seek help anxiety, ADHD, Dyslexia, bone pain and other presenting issues. Also a look the changes in brain organisation that start before puberty. Children develop within the family field and often the young person is expressing a family issue, we will explore what we can handle as CSTs and when we refer.

Days run 10-5.15  ,cost £100  see Still Learning for more info

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Equine Course — A Cranial Conversation with Horses

My Colleagues Penel Meredith and Edwina Gray run postgraduate courses at Edwina’s tranquil home in Kent.

A conversation is a two-way thing…and this unique experience provides just that.

This workshop will give you the skills and the confidence to work cranially with equine clients…and in return these wonderful, wise and finely attuned creatures will reflect back to you your own emotions, energies and true intent with a precision and clarity, which is impossible to ignore.

The Weekend course offers a transforming experience for any therapist who wants to listen more deeply and perceive more precisely…and a great springboard for those who want to work with horses.

Conversations with Horses

Lifts arranged from Ashford Kent

To understand horses, you need to know yourself.