I qualified as a teacher of adults in 1998 having already been running my own massage school. For 10 years I  enjoyed coordinating CTET’s Living Anatomy Course and was also  a senior tutor on the practitioner training as well as running my own workshops within Still Learning.

I strongly believe in active learning where students are engaged in finding what they need and find learning is much easier when there is laughter and a relaxed atmosphere.

The embryological development of our beginnings is still present in the adult and understanding how the body forms can help elucidate complex relationships within our anatomy so I often teach from this perspective. This is not abstract and can be present under your hands with clients once understood. I bring in clinical relevance whenever possible so students leave courses with skills to take away and use in their hands on work. For me a deep knowledge and embodied sense of the anatomy of the body is fundamental to the practice of craniosacral therapy, your clients body knows that you know, it feels safe and you feel confident about what’s under your hands.

Anatomy is a living wholeness of function and should be seen as a mystery of form, not static academic structure.

James Jealous DO

I have a deep passion for the miracle that is the human body, and find the complexities of structure easiest to grasp through modelling and drawing alongside the necessary PowerPoint images. It always amazes me how challenging it is to recreate with manmade materials the structures that function with such ease in our anatomy. My modelling usually involves recycling household materials, bubble wrap, plumbing items, sponges, papier-mâché, plasticine and play dough. A recent effort was the pelvic floor from an upturned kitchen stool cling film, and therapy bands. I am currently enjoying   drawing a set of embryological images that are simple and appealing .